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Abakan, concert in the "Pobeda"
Krasnoyarsk, concert in the great hall of the Music Academy
Krasnoyarsk, concert in the "Yushin brothers"
KHOOMEI BEAT - is a bright representative of the new generation of tuvan musicians. Getting their inspiration from the tuvan folk, musicians mixed in their also rock music, light jazz and pop.
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Kan-Khuler Saaya
Throat singing, vocal, igil, byzaanchy, chadagan, limbi
Bailak Mongush
Aihan Oorzhak
Throat singing, vocal, igil, doshpuluur
Aidyn Sedii
Throat singing, vocal, cello
Shoraan Ochur
Bass, shoor, vocal
Adygan Aiyzhy
Keys, vocal, manager
Our first album (2018)
"Wandering the steppe..."
Derek Brown "BEATBoX SAX"
Khoomei Beat is that perfect blend of tradition and cutting edge. Check them out. You won't regret it!
Newspaper "IZVESTIA"
Alexey Plechev / 26 june 2018
Win folk over the rock!
At the Buryat festival "The Voice of Nomads" musical styles from all over the world met and the group KHOOMEI BEAT became a real discovery of "The Voice of Nomads - 2018".
Semen Chaika
General Director of "Svoe Radio"
KHOOMEI BEAT, it's not just ethnic music, not just a group of people making common cause. KHOOMEI BEAT, it's a whole world, a whole life, a whole ethnic group. KHOOMEI BEAT, this air, the fire and water, in one cooking the boiler turning in music, absorbing you fully...
Natalia Myazina
Founder and Director of the Russian world music award"
I am a big fan of the skill of Tuvan musicians, their identity and soulfulness. The music of Khoomei beat is in my playlist,and it was not by chance. This is a very honest presentation of the material, the original arrangement, harmonious and strong sound of the cello, the present, not artificial, but very sincere sound of throat singing, all this makes goosebumps run on the skin, and return to its source. Such music is now a rarity, I wish the guys good luck, development, and do not forget why they do it all - to return us to the endless possibilities of the human soul.
Arystanbek Mukhamediuly
Minister of culture and sports of Kazakhstan
In the group Khoomei beat the drums played by a girl. This, of course, world class! ((Nomadway-2018, tengrinews.kz)
Mikhail Chashin
Music producer of the festival "Heaven and Earth"
The music of Khoomei beat is not just songs of Tuva, it is the whole musical message of ancient civilizations of our time. It is so important to hear this message, to accept it in your life! Thanks to the musicians, they are real professionals and artists!
Khoomei beat participated in our festival for the first time in 2018. And we very much hope that not for the last time.

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Phone: +7 923 559 26 59

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